11 Years After!

The bride: Leah Andrea Soriano

Wedding Date: May 23, 2010

I made her graduation ball gown in college back in 1999 while I was still tending a drugstore in Naga City.  I still remember the gown I made for her, it was a purple silk full biased skirt with a black lace overlay for the top. Well, after 11 years, she made a comeback for her wedding gown!  Of course, she won’t have fittings in my little pharmacy anymore but at my very own atelier. Oh boy, was the wedding grand! I couldn’t help but write about it even if it’s been almost a year now, the wedding , I mean.

All she wanted was a very loooong train but very lightweight! Uh-oh, simple wish as it was, that needed some ingenuity and magic!

The church look alone was very elegant. I swear, I’m imagining Elie Saab (one of my fave fashion designers) applauding at me for a job well done, lol!  It exuded enchantment and very subtly interjecting  opulence.

The reception look was altogether on a different note. Everyone thought the bride was wearing another bridal gown! Nope. Again, it just required some ingenuity and some magic!

Enjoy the photos!


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