A Thursday Wedding in Tagaytay

Of course, as usual, no decent pictures.  Thankfully, Mr. Orly Ruiz of Metro Photo, is reliably fast to upload photos. Till then will I have great pictures to post from this wedding.

Here’s some photos straight from my iPhone..


Bride:  Jenny Balay
Wedding date:  April 25, 2013
HMUA: Karen May
P/V: Metrophoto
OTD Coord: Christine Ong-Te
Non-floral bouquet by Gideon Hermosa

Here’s a funny sidelight to that wedding:

I arrived a tad too early for a 10am call time at Discovery Suites.  I saw how beautiful the view was while going up that I told myself I’m going to have a nice cup of coffee by the ridge while waiting for my time to dress up the bride. While going up I noticed a woman on her way to the dining area. We went up and set up the gown and made paalam to the bride that I’m just going down.  I went to the terrace side and again saw the woman.  Right after ordering a cup of coffee, a server gave me a cup of squash soup.  The server was so quick to serve that I didn’t have the chance to ask if it was a complimentary soup. Because I was a bit hungry, I savored the yummy soup and finished it right away! Then I heard the woman complained why was it taking the cafe staff so long to prepare what she ordered for her alaga. Yaiks! She ordered for the soup I just had! I feel sorry for the woman as I was aware of the time she ordered and waited for it and her alaga must be sooo hungry!  Ok, it’s not so funny hehe =)

Back to the bride, I’m just proud of how she lost weight!  First fitting, she lost quite a number of inches off her over-all body circumference. Final fitting, she lost a few more inches.  Come wedding day, she looked gorgeous and curvaceous!  Happiness!

Btw, even in Tagaytay, summer also sizzles…hotness!  I thought I would enjoy a nice weather up there but still nicer weather than in boiling Manila temperature!

Again, on the side, it’s my first time to go inside Country Suites by Discovery.  Being an antique lover, I definitely drooled over the hotel’s interior.  It’s my dream home interior.  With just the right mix of a few modern touches and intricate filipino wood carvings, it made  up a very cozy and not so hard-looking interior. The room is huge, too.  Plus factor is the big bathroom! We even dressed up the bride inside the bathroom, plenty of space, indeed!  I’m loving Discovery, for an intimate and relaxing getaway with a splendid view of Taal Volcano.

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Photos taken from:


Keep your cool under the summer heat!





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