Advance Happy Chinese New Year!

I have been receiving Chinese tikoy since last week and so I gather it’s not so early anymore to greet you all a Happy Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi! It’s the season of dragon dances, tikoy, mandarin, and of course the season to get acquainted with the wooden horse! I admit to having read my luck under it, the forces it attracts, and whatever else that matter under my sign.. Good and bad awaits me, it says. So I close the book in a quiet retrospect. Should I believe it or not? Should i follow the rituals? Should I let it affect me? Bottom line, if it’s good, I hope it creates a more beautiful transition in my life and I invite those powerful prisms in every area and corner of my existence. If it’s bad, well, bad things happen even to good people. No bad things though can ever surmount the positivity of those who work and live for the Lord.

After reading my Chinese horoscope, I began to make goals and check my weddings for the year. Oh boy, I’m glad I did it in just a nick of time before my load boomerangs on me. Whoa, all I needed was 10 bookings to close my load for whole year of 2014! Even before the day ended after the summary, another bride booked and now we are down to the last 9 bookings. Let me expound that I can not take in beyond my work load. Having enough is enough for me. I always remember that greed brings disgrace to the spirit. I want to give what is best to my brides and I feel that it would be compromised if I will take in too much work. While they say that life is short so take in every opportunity that enters your door. I say, life is short so make it meaningful and beautiful.


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