Behind the Scenes of the Fashion Shoot (Part 1)

Last November, along with MUA, Ian Lipa, we trooped to Bicol (and travelled 12 hours =) )to have a fashion shoot.  An AWESOME shoot.  Derek de los Santos of Redfox photography and his team (Kevin and Roi) covered my most awaited event, culminating the last quarter of 2011.

Our model, Dominique Lagrimas, was a pro! Couldn’t ask for anything more.  She is a public figure herself, a host in a local ABS CBN program (Bicol).  Her metamorphosis happened right in front of me/us.  From a lanky, unassuming gal she was transformed by the skilled hands of my MUA, Ian Lipa, into one gorgeous woman.  Couldn’t help but praise her beauty.

Ian Lipa and Dominique Lagrimas


In a far away land in Luzon, lies a paradise in the eyes of a child (moir).  Spending summers and breaks in between, fishing and exploring nature, the memories of it were as fresh as it can get.  So, when I have to think of a location, vivid memories just sparked in my head and there you go, it was decided upon that we’re flying (RedFox team) and driving (Ian Lipa and moir) to Bicol. Wonderful memories were made again!

Day 1



with the sheep =)

On top of a trailer…this gal is one pro =)

It seemed like we were on our way to the middle of nowhere =) My team, on a trailer ride.

That’s us in the trailer with the furniture. There was a truck behind us filled with props =) Some we used, but most of it, we didn’t =(

That’s Derek, unaware of the cows gone wild! It didn’t look scary then but now, it does!!!

Picture I insisted taken but failed!!! Thank you, Derek, for still allowing me to have this shot. I’d like to believe now you were vehemently protesting inside haha!

Derek’s turn. There you go…perfect!

To be continued…

Photographer:  Derek de los Santos of Redfox Photography



MUA: Ian Lipa

Contact nos. 09274337895

*Pictures are raw and un-edited. Straight from the cam.

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