Boho-Chic Wedding

If you were to free yourself from the norm, what kind of wedding would you have?  A wedding that evokes ideals of truth and freedom, love and beauty, a non-stifling dress code, a breathe of fresh air, and everybody is at ease!

Boho-chic wedding! What I love most about it is that you don’t have to follow the pack.  You get to be the lead, individuality rules or have no rules at all! The possibilities are truly endless as you get to follow your own style and no one else’s.

Because you made your own style, it naturally translates to your kind of fun.   Follow the beat of your own drum and free everyone’s state of mind.

Enjoy the photos…super love the laid-back feel!




Gown by: Zandra Lim
HMUA: Faye Young
Photos: Redfox Photography
Post Bride:  Jade Mendiola


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