Chris as She Is

There will always be one who would stand out from the rest. My bride is quite tall and easily stands out but what sets her apart is not her statuesque figure, it is knowing and being comfortable with who she is and that society and what it dictates can’t affect her. The bride chose to be who she is no matter if the wedding is huge, the celebration is grand, and the entourage queue is quite long.  Yes, she is simplicity personified. No earrings or jewelry to steal away the radiance of her face, no fancy shoes, not even a brilliant speck on her hair and yet she stood out.  She stood out still because of who she is.  Her grace, her demeanor, still impeccable like every joyful bride. Her face radiated with joy and that is enough to fill the huge ballroom. In this wedding, the bride wore her brand.

zandralimdesigns-chris-chua-001 zandralimdesigns-chris-chua-002 zandralimdesigns-chris-chua-003

Bride: Chriselle Chua

Photo: Metro Photo

*Photos sent by the bride.


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