Collection 2010

Collection 2010

Introducing my collection for 2010: silhouettes in various forms and whites in different shades. Varied but all encompassing very fine details of tridimensional artwork in intricate beading, embroidery and noveau techniques.  These are sketched collections promising to be gorgeous masterpieces for that important walk on the aisle.

I’ll be producing each of these gowns in the coming months.

One thing I’d like to bring back to my work studio is the fabric merger.  Recently, I’ve new clients who  gave comments on gowns I’ve made from eons ago.  They loved it. I’m inspired by their wonderful nostalgia of the creations I’ve made a long time ago that I felt I have to bring it back.  So, now I’m introducing white on white in fabric merger.  I could still consider it art noveau.  I haven’t seen it done before (except for recent fabric given by a client from Vietnam) and now that I’m introducing it once again, I’m hoping it will be well-received and reviewed (5 stars! lol).

Likewise, the very meticulous detail I’ve minimally dipped in last year will come out in full force in some pieces of the collections.  These are rosettes and true-to-form-haute-couture details.   It’s meticulous, it’s laborious, it’s a nose-bleed work, and it’s going to be a masterpiece.

These new collections have renewed my passion in my art. I am an artist in evolution.  I never want to just sit down and I am ever looking forward for each creation of a wedding gown to unfold and be rightfully claimed by their brides to call their own.  I am ardently thinking and working on designs and details that would bowl over not just the wearer but the onlookers as well.  This job never ceases to excite me. This, after all, is my art.


After a long time in seclusion, I’ve finally given in to placing an ad through the Bride’s yellow pages.  I’ve used the website look as my ad (thanks to Benz Rana’s artist for doing the work).  The artist used an sms message  I’ve placed in the testimonial as part of the ad.  I sent my client a message informing him of the text usage.  I was surprised and so overwhelmed with his good words when he gave me the heads up. Mr. & Mrs. Eric Baguisa (nee Dr. Jennifer Angeles), your good words will forever inspire me to do my craft really well.  I truly treasure it.  Wonderful news on baby Lucas!May God wonderfully bless your marriage; let love and happiness stay with you forever!

Grazie Mille

I would like to thank all my clients who have tagged me in Facebook and who have been very generous with referring me to their friends.   My humble business has survived through word of mouth and I so appreciate their support.  It is my privilege to serve you.  God bless you!




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