December Sizzles

Dear Brides,

After 2 weeks, I have finally ironed out my production schedule for December.  Yes, December booking is open once again. Rest assured that even with the additional slots, every order will have it’s own production time and thereby assuring you of quality and well thought of creations.

December is a peak season, thereby making it a crucial month. Last year, everyday, we had weddings and sometimes had multiple weddings in a day.  We were on our toes and we were able to produce exquisite creations.  This year, we will still be on our toes, that is,  to surpass what my team have achieved for the past year.  Therefore, we aim to make our weddings grander, more exquisite, and unforgettable (in a good way).

Every detail in a wedding gown is well-planned and thought of.  Every gown requires my full attention.  Having no assistant designer to boast of, all details then depend on me. In essence, I am not being paid merely to produce a gown.  I am also being paid to think, analyze, decide on the bride’s interest, and give in TIME needed for such. In return, I not only gave the bride my time but my name in every threading of beads, in every vector, in every detail, because truthfully (and my past clients can attest to it) I also spend time sewing your gown.  Would you believe it that even in my dreams, I still make a fuss of the designs in a wedding gown?

Thank you for all your interest in my work.  As a parting shot, the best value is that I deliver.  Always more than what you pay for.

Happy preps! Take care y’all!  Sizzling summer ever =)





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