Florida Wedding (A Sneak Peek)

The purpose of my Florida trip was to deliver a wedding gown for a June wedding. It was a four-day scheduled trip. Day 1 and Hour 1, bride fitted and it was perfect!!! I couldn’t be any relieved than that moment! I wanted to go home right away but my hosts have prepared an itinerary of my stay and took off from work for my duration of my stay, such hospitality!

The bridal gown have a veerrry looong train! Volumed floral with layered lace. So, how do I check it in a local flight from LA to Florida? It was packed the way it had to be when you want to travel light!

The carry on bag, checked in!

Tita M ( the mother of the Bride) saw my little luggage and asked if the luggage with the bridal gown is still in the trunk. When I replied in the negative, she said, she wanted to faint! Hahaha! She can’t figure out the her bridal gown order for her daughter can fit inside the wee lil luggage! It did and I took it out, the gown just puffed in itself 🙂 Pictures to follow after the wedding in June.

Tita M was the best hostess! I thought I am already one (when I have house guests), but she, she took my crown away! Can i just brag that it was I who was sooo privileged to have done her daughter’s bridal gown? I just gained a BFF, as Tita M puts it! FYI, they searched for my services through the internet, I only met them personally for the first time when I went to Florida 🙂



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