Glady(t)s Dove Gray

How can I not love Gladys when she has given me pegs from my own creations, loved my ideas, and ultimately dieted throughout her wedding preps? That made her so irresistibly lovable.

Back details

Gorgeous bride!!!

Gladys’ top originally has a detachable off shoulder strap.  But because she was successful in her diet (she lost a lot of weight and she looked terrific come wedding day), she politely asked me to take off the shoulder strap instead.  So what do we do with the extra strap?  Wrap it on the bouquet’s handle! Ain’t it lovelier?

Flowers wrapped with the beaded strap!

Gladys’ shoemaker is a very dear friend of hers.  I’m glad I discovered her.  Look!  The shoes are fabulous!

Fab shoes =)

That’s Stephanie Castro’s work of art to which brand (Faire la Fete) I am ardently promoting to my dear brides.

The bride’s lovely flowergirl, Julia, requested for a headpiece.  This litttle girl knows fashion, haha!

Pretty Julia =)

First time to work with Mr. J Lucas Reyes here and always looking forward to work with him again from then on. Glad to work with Guj Tungpalan of Redsheep, too!

Glady’s sent me these photos thru email on my birthday, what a treat!

Incidentally,  today is Gladys’ birthday!  A very happy one, Gladys! Hope you’re spoilt today!!!

J Lucas Reyes

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Guj Tungpalan





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