Happy “Ber” Months!

Rainy days gave me quite a headache. It caused the flu virus to proliferate and my staff weren’t immune to it. A handful of my staff got sick, including the driver and the kids’ nannies. Oh my! We could have been stockholders of New World Laboratory by now, having CBC done every time flu strike at them. Thankful though that my kids were spared. With my staff sick, back up plans thankfully got me covered.

Good news came quite earlier than expected. My web designer is redesigning my website…for free! Ain’t that great? Yeah! Good things come to those who wait, teehee! With my website undergoing redesigning and all, I won’t be posting the new rates in its page. Will just email the rates to Criselle, my heroine, to include it in my new re-designed website. Can’t wait! Excited to the hilt =)

For the new rates, please check the post “New Rates 2011”.

It’s September!!!!!! I’m screaming, can’t you hear me? Holy cow, we’re now working like there’s no tomorrow!!! I’m excited but a nerve-wrecked-talking to clients but thinking of production! In so many ways, I’m quite delirious with my production. So hold on tight, wedding pictures will unfold. Weddings just never cease to excite me.

Oh, by the way, my eldest son is going to be a bearer for a client! I agreed mainly because I believe we’ll be friends (client and i) in the process. Looking forward to see my son dapper in suit =)

Happy “ber” months, everyone!

Thanks for dropping by =)


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