Hello & Welcome!


Hello and Welcome!

Ever since I started to read  Martha Stewart and different wedding blogs, it made me want to start blogging with the things I’m really passionate with.  Of course, it goes without saying, I’m going to write about wedding, fashion, and a myriad of things I am interested in.  So, having a redesigned website upped my guts to start a blog and incorporate it in my website.  I’m sooo loving my new website design and I hope you like it as much as I do. I’m excited over it and I promise to keep on updating so you’ll keep coming back to my site. I’ll be sharing wedding tips in one section, mostly concerning  my area of interest which is fashion.  But I’d also be sharing with you aside from fashion, some ideas, products, and people I meet from my wedding encounters.

I couldn’t wait to start blogging away and with many things running through my mind, I couldn’t choose a perfect initial topic! Only to realize that I only have to start with the events that started my year so right, so glam, and so perfect!

My first bride for this year is Ruby Abella who resides in Canada.  I made her wedding gown and I absolutely loved it! She looked so radiant and every inch a bride.  The only thing that got me really nervous was she didn’t want to try on the gown!  Gasp! Till the very eve of her wedding, I was hoping she would try it on. My luck didn’t get any better.  So I requested for an early time for dress up. Alas, the fit was perfect! Sexy bride! What a lucky day it turned out to be =)

In the span of more than ten years I’ve been creating gowns, pictures elude me! So please, feel free to email me your picture wearing your gown ( my creations, of course) and I’ll proudly post it in the Real Brides gallery if it’s a wedding gown and in the Celebrations gallery if it’s an evening wear. Would  a cocktail dress as a gift (customized) for the winner pic entice you to send your pics? I sure do hope so! So keep them coming and I’ll announce the recipient in the next few weeks when I’ve gathered 20 fabulous pictures.





Janis Ann Espino-de Vera

February 21 2010 Reply

Hi Zandra! I love your new website!

I have a few things to say about Zandra and her creations…

Zandra was the couturier of the sister-in-law of a friend of mine. He was the one who referred her to me. The moment I walked into her shop and talked to her during the first quarter of 2006, I already knew she was the one who will make my wedding gown… and she didn’t fail me… Everybody (including myself of course!) loved my wedding gown! Not just my gown but my whole entourage and the two moms’ gowns were also lovely and everyone got praises for their gowns.

Zandra is very accommodating and friendly, very easy to talk to… She listens to your desires and executes them the best way she could… actually, she even adds details to your ideas and this enhances the design of your gown. She is very talented and professional, yet makes you feel very comfortable that every fitting session is fun and I always look forward to them. She always made me feel that I did not only gain a wedding supplier but also a friend.

Her creations are just wonderful! Elaborate beadworks, very detailed and elegant… There is always a unique twist to her design which makes you look stunning in it… To think they DO NOT cost a fortune! I have already had 3 gowns made by her and there are always good comments about each one (yes Zandra, even that black cocktail dress with the barong was commended! =) ). I have been recommending her to friends and family and I have only heard praises and wonderful things about her and her creations too. As proof of this, my brother who recently got married also had her as his bride, Teta Sarmiento-Espino’s couturier . And again, the gowns were great! My father even told her that she will also make the gowns when my youngest brother gets married… (whenever that is… =) ) One thing I can say for sure: I will be wearing more of her creations and I know I will not regret choosing Zandra Lim as my couturier.

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