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A month passed by so quick! So quick that I didn’t realize the frenzy season is at my doorstep! And quite amusingly, with accompanying Christmas jingles on the radio, and yeah,  caroling soon on my doorstep, too!

I’ve lost count on my bridal partners on hair and make-up since I started. Every time I ask a bride who their hmua is, most of the time it’s always someone new.   I am so amazed with the new talents in hmu and I commend the brides who try their talent, it’s an adventure on their part. But choosing a make-up artist is also like choosing the bridal designer. A bridal designer will work to enhance or highlight your assets, flatter your figure and hide the flaws. A make-up artist does the same, she should be able to identify those factors and work on it. In the end, you choose the one who will give you the most flattering result.

One of the neophytes in the make-up industry is Ian Lipa. We’ve worked on several brides together and I avail of her services when I need dolling up. Few things I can say based from my experience is that, I looked and felt like an artista! I swear! She’s got not just the talent but the skills.  She’s so easy to work with, no attitude at all! Best of all she works with grace under pressure. Behind the radiance that you see in some covers in the magazines of some artists is her art work.

MU-Carmen Rivadelo-Villongco; Hair-Ian Lipa


It’s worth the time trying her out! I think she has a free trial and make up if you’re going to get her services for the wedding.

Ian Lipa sms or call 0927-433-7895 for inquiries. Visit her multiply site at

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