Jovelle & Moris, A Patient Kind of Love


“ Love is patient, love is kind….”

Every love story has its own story to tell before leading up to the altar. Morris & Jovelle’s story exemplifies love that is ever so patient. They have never met in person and yet they found themselves talking to each other on the phone and getting friendly. One year just flew by and they were still constantly in touch but again, never have they met in person! Until the day Jovelle lost her phone and kaput! It was the end of the friendship. Or so they thought. The universe is testing their patience. Could you really miss someone without meeting the other person? Albeit, one could!

At a UST event, the universe finally summoned the stars for them to meet. It was just as if they never lost touch and felt the connection alive, once again. This time not through telephone lines.
The physical connection is more electrifying than a telephone connection, I guess!

Love is indeed patient. They patiently waited and finally ended up in the altar after ten long years.

Love is a risk. As Jovelle has said, it was a risk talking to a person whom she barely knew and have never met!

Love is kind. As kind as the day when they said I do.

Their wedding was sentimental, reflective, & nostalgic on all they’ve been through and that includes all the fun.


Asked to rate their suppliers in just 2 words:

Foreveryday Photography(Gail Bitoon): “Heaven sent!”

Dreamechanics (Video): “Energetic, haha!”

Lindsay Co-Alog (Make-Up Artist): “ Absolutely talented!”

Zandra Lim (Designer): “My fairy godmother! All praises ang gown ko!!!”…(ooops, more than 2 words)

Thanks so much, Foreveryday Photography, for this wonderful pictures!

Foreveryday Photography

Make up: Lindsay Co-Alog
Contact no: 0917-8680511

Vid: DreamMechanics


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