My Bestfriend’s Wedding

I’ve had a vacation last April. In hindsight, it was unofficial work from an official vacation.  I got to meet clients and even got a chance to do a “semi-trunk show” exclusively for friends and future brides courtesy of MG’s wedding.  The wedding in LA was a blast! The praises were overwhelming and for a while there, I couldn’t breathe.  The feeling of elation was like that. I wouldn’t mind feeling that way everyday of my life! There goes my gratitude to Patrick Wong for being so gracious with compliments.

It was great being with friends from ages ago.  I met with my old friends Grace and long lost friend Lanie. They were superb, forgot how lovely they were.  The mini reunion gave me more reason to keep the friendship that panned out for a while there.

For the love of my best friend, I made some mini errands for her wedding. The invitations were my responsibilities. I had them made at Megatech in Manila (near Jose Abad Santos). The design of the invites came from the couple, I just sourced out the supplier and read proofing. It’s kind of scary to be put it that situation coz I might have missed out something and I’ll end paying for it! Good thing, all went well.

The dresses were lovely! Her motif was emerald green and she sent the fabric from the LA. She really fell in love with this particular color and fabric in a fabric store in downtown LA. So even if it was expensive,  pure silk are, she went for it. The result: a happy bride =)

Malou Corlina, quite a popular make-up artist in LA, dolled us up. I must say, i loved my eyes! Yes, he dolled me up, too. He’s quite fast but amazingly the make-up didn’t fade as quickly as he put it on me. We looked fabulous the whole night =)

The bride had 3 tranformations! 2 skirt changes and one in cocktail. I didn’t get the picture in cocktail though.

The wedding was lovely as attested by friends of the couple who came from different parts of the world to attend their wedding.  Lovely, indeed!


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