New Roll

It’s my first blog for the year and I hope my writing will continue to flow for the days, weeks and months to come that will eventually populate the year 2013! Couple my entries with booked clients, wow, that would be really amazing! Haha, I know, that’s too far fetched =) I can’t do that much!

Allow me to welcome you, albeit advanced, to the year of the snake! It’s gonna be a terrific year! Don’t mind the skeptics, unlucky “13” ain’t got that much force to negate the blessings from the One Above. Let’s focus on the good stuff. As they say, positivity begets positive results.

So, what’s in store for you and me this year? Let’s see. First, from here on, my wedding posts on Facebook Like Page, will also contain a list of my co-suppliers in a particular event. So you’ll know when I get to work with somebody. Second, the entourage gowns will now only be exclusively offered to my dear brides (yes, no bridal gown, no entourage). But, you may still order a bridal gown only. Why the exclusive offer? Because I want to prioritize my dear brides. They deserve to be treated that way =)

Third, now, I wish there’s a third announcement. But the year has just started and there will still be lots of things in store for us that we don’t know yet. Wonderful things! And I can’t wait to unwrap those blessings. And you know what, you could be that blessing and I to you =))))

For the lovebirds getting married this year, this is a good year, 2013 will be the best year so far! At least, until that little pea comes along!




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