Prelude to Diet

It’s been a while since I’ve last updated my blog.  So many events left and right, I’m better snoozing off my extra time…ain’t good!

This post however, will ensure that I will be blogging on a daily basis.  Why?  Because an odyssey is about to begin.

Sometime ago, when I was heavy with a child, I had gestational diabetes. I went to see a doctor-friend, Dr. Cecil Jimeno, and gave me a copy of a diet program.  I sticked my guns to it and I didn’t even have to have insulin injections since my blood sugar was controlled by diet.  I felt really good and looked slimmer even when my tummy was bulging.  After I gave birth though, i was on a binge.  I over ate and I wasn’t just eating the right food.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re too busy and you just have to grab whatever to fill your stomach and for your brain to function.  And so I grew bigger and bigger.  Stress, of course, adds up to my over eating happenstance.

Now, my son celebrated his first birthday last month and realized I also sticked my gun to my (over) weight for a year now! So this begins, a diet odyssey I’d like to share with you all.

What motivates me to diet?  First, eating, of course is important.  I just have to eat right.  I can’t run, can’t do bending, can’t climb the stairs straight up to 3rd floor, all because I  haven’t been a very good girl and yes, I’m fat. I want to run around with my kids, swim with them, carry the three boys around all at the same time, and zoom up the stairs till the 3rd floor when the boys need me in a flash!

Why am I sharing?  Because I know that every bride, may she be curvaceous, slim, medium built, overweight, they all feel the same….they feel that they have to diet! Seriously, even those with slim figures, they feel that they have to diet!  What are their mirrors made of? Or should I ask, ain’t their visions 20/20? I would feel bad when somebody would say that they have to diet coz they are fat (when in fact,they are not). It’s just a major ouch.  They don’t intend to brush it off me though.  And so, I want to join every bride and be motivated and hopefully they, too, will be piqued to achieve their goals in weight and inches.

A healthier me. A slimmer bride.  Let’s do it!


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