Rhina + Paolo

“Love is the expression of simplicity in emotion, the unattainable longing that comes so unexpectedly, with great subtlety and bliss”-Unknown

With such bliss and true commitment, Rhina and Paolo, bound by their love, headed to the altar of Fernbrooks. It was a great, great day! I can say it for the couple, for the family, for friends, for me, and for my fellow suppliers (they are such a beautiful couple that I’m sure my fellow suppliers had a most pleasant event).  I just love Rhina, I wish she’s my friend…Oh well, we’re friends in Facebook…does it count?  lol =)

Rhina inquired thru email dated April 2, 2011.  Her wedding was last March 24, 2012.  11 months prep! Sure can’t wait to begin her journey and the excitement of her engagement…who won’t?  Her engagement was funny, as she relayed to me, but that is her story to tell.  I can only tell that Paolo is one helluva lucky guy!!! Ooops, I won’t brush off the fact that seldom does a groom would text me to inform me of things the bride wants…isn’t that sweet?!

Pictures courtesy of Ms. Rhina Amandy-Tablizo (with permission to share).

Btw, however great the design and the execution were, if the photographers weren’t great at their job…you won’t have fabulous pictures! So, brides, don’t scrimp on your photographers, they are the story tellers of your wedding day =)

Kudos to:

Photographer: Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza

Phone 0917 815 6111

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