Zandra Lim Designs | Pink Parfait: May Graham

May Graham
May has never been to a Filipino wedding (she lives in Australia). She never thought the first time sheʼll be able to attend to one would be her own wedding! What a memorable Filipino wedding that was! May always loved the color blush pink on her skin tone. And so I searched for the perfect pink tone and got this fabulous shade in pink parfait. I bought a total of three different shades of pink because every time Iʼd see one, I thought that would be perfect until I chance upon another shade and I would thought, “this one is better than the first one”, and I will buy it again. On the third chance, I didnʼt hesitate to purchase the material again because I know this is the most perfect it can get! It didnʼt fail me, thank God! May was resplendent in her wedding gown. My, she was like a beauty queen. Statuesque and all regal. The bouquet by Serge Igona was a perfect complement. Like me, he was fastidious in giving two bridal bouquets for May to choose from!


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