They Did! (October-November 2010 Weddings)

This is long overdue! Thank goodness for this long holiday, I am now catching up on my otherwise obliterated blog and updates.  Guess what? My kids are on vacay, too, on a different  geographical location than mine.  So, without the adorable laughter or whines  (not adorable) to distract me, expect successive entries of blogs until my mind and my hands refuse to cooperate =)

My last entry for weddings was a promise of something more to post. So here we go now with some of my October-November weddings of 2010.

Jaecelle Chavez, married to Jay Concepcion.

I just love Jaecelle! She’s so trusting on my take of the design of her gown. One of the brides who fell in love at first sight with the first sketch!

Wedding date: October 2, 2010.

Bridal and entourage gowns by yours truly.

Make-up by: Cel Sabile

Photos by: Smartshots

Bridal preps:  Oakwood Hotel, Ortigas

Jenny Chuatoco, married to George Clemente, Jr.

I have blogged about Jenny’s wedding already but i just can’t help to include her again in this entry. Now, Jen and Jun is a couple to reckon with. They definitely belong to a class of their own! Both are so hands-on, you would think they are the “-zilla” kind…not!!! They are so fun to be with I didn’t mind spending some of my family time with them.  And of course, I’m just so happy that they chose one of my 2010 designs as the bride’s gown design.  Happiness!

Wedding Date:  October 9, 2010.

Bridal, Groom, and entourage gowns by yours truly.

Make up by: Paolo Maranan

Photos by: Nice print

Bridal preps: Manila Peninsula

Marnelie Chua, married to Joseph Santos.

Marns is a very relaxed bride.  Her gown was very simple but exudes elegance.  I miss the coffee-less chats when the couple would visit my shop.  Learned so much from Joseph: Australia trips and touring economically, haha! I have yet to try it =)

Wedding Date: October 3, 2010.

Bridal and entourage gowns by yours truly.

Photos by: Tope Crisostomo

Bridal Preps: Oakwood Hotel, Ortigas

Terry Falcon, married Brian Lee.

Some of my upcoming weddings were networked from this wedding =) yippee!

Wedding Date: October 3, 2010.

Bridal and entourage gowns by yours truly.

Make up by: Dior co

Photos by: Nice print

Bridal Preps: Makati Shangrila

Janet Gan, married to Jefferson Lim.

Lovely, lovely bride! She’s so warm, sweet, and very gracious.  She automatically agreed to whatever I suggest to, ain’t it wonderful?

Wedding Date: November 28, 2010.

Bridal and entourage gowns by yours truly.

Shoes  by yours truly.

Make up by: Irene Sy

Bridal preps: Hyatt Hotel, Manila

Ena Ang married Dhinno Tiu on November  20, 2010.

discharge effect

Another surreal creation for me. The bridal gown looks simple but it ain’t so! Lace skirt with embroidered ribbon in organdy.  I just love the detail of the skirt!  The entourage gown is my first batch I made with discharge effects.

Bridal and entourage gowns by your truly.

Bridal preps: Diamond Hotel

December weddings on another entry =)

A blessed Good Friday to you all!




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