To-do List Today!

We just can’t lay down and sleep off even when the bed is so inviting and hollering for us to just do that.  We can’t just eat our snack and dinner heartily even when the steamy congee is prepared on the table.  We can’t just sit, surf the net, download itunes, play games on your ipad or iphone, even when it is the only thing to do during this idle time.  We can’t just slack off time today when lots of people are in dire need of help!  We all know we should not go out and keep ourselves safe and dry, it is the only logical thing to do.  But I can’t bear to do all those things without doing something.  Even just a simple prayer for the rain to stop, or a prayer that everyone will be safe will suffice.  But what more can we do when we can’t be braving warriors at this time? We need to be home for our family.  We need to be safe less we add up to the mortality of today’s monsoon’s wrath.

When the sun will be seen again, the reality of those in distress will inundate our timelines in Facebook.  Our hearts will once again melt but don’t know what to do.  Can we just go back to our normal lives and carry on as if nothing happened?

Let us transcend our sympathies into something else to those who are affected.  Those whose entire belongings were submerged in the flood. Those who got sick.  Those who are in need. Let us bless others with our prayers and more so bless them with even the little things we can do for them.

Here is a list of the things we can do today, right at this moment:

  1. Check your cabinets for old clothes, old shoes, old blankets, anything old that can be used again.
  2. Check your storage room for old but usable folding mattress, electric fans, etc.
  3. Check your medicine cabinet for stocks of medicines that can be used like: antacids, vitamins, pain relievers. Please check the expiry date.
  4. Go to your kitchen drawer and get a trash bag.  Put everything there except for the medicine. Put the medicines in a separate plastic bag.
  5. Search the internet for receiving points of relief goods. List it down with your choice of relief operations.

After we do this, we can now resume to what we were supposed to do with less worries.  Tomorrow will be a better day for the victims.  Your relief goods will make it better for them.

God bless us all!!!

My shop will be also be a receiving point starting tomorrow.  Look for Lems, he’ll be in charge.  All the relief goods will be sent to ABSCBN.

Keep safe,



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