Turning Green, Not My State of Mind

I’m blogging as I wait for my next scheduled appointment.  So far, this Saturday has been good and interesting. I hope the Ongs loved their gowns, because I’m swooning over it!  Today has been a good day meeting warm people with genuine smiles and interests.  Couples inquiring with great enthusiasm, bride documenting measurements, entourage excited over their designs, principal sponsors and mothers wanting to be glammed, and flowergirls feeling like princesses in their uber cute gowns.

I made a mental note the other day I was out for an errand and checked the colors in display these days.  I’m not surprised that green is emerging despite the fact that turquoise has been declared the color of the year.  Maybe because people want to veer away from the norm? 2 years ago I bought a green top in a flea market in Milan and I loved the color.  Seen below is the green top I’ve worn on a visit to the Last Supper  ( Cenacolo Vinciano).

vivid green top

The actual color of the top is vibrant which I actually love most amongst the huge selections of green. Upon looking at the pantone palette, the color I really really love is called Vivid Green, which is a tone lighter than emerald green.

Late last year, I’ve been looking for a pair of flat slip-on in green. I did found one on a trip to HK (horribly, saw exactly the same one in 168 in Divisoria for a 1/8 the price of the slip-on) but I never did get the penchant to wear it often.  Maybe my shoe taste is subdued  but I love shoes nonetheless.

There was a time I liked the look of a green eye shadow which I’ve seen on TV anchors/broadcasters.  Sadly, it didn’t enhance my eyes. I gave up on greens all together, well, except for that top which I’ve managed to keep even if it bore holes already (eeeekkk).  It will eventually turn into a night top, me thinks.

Back to the green colors I’ve been spotting on store displays, although it’s not that popular yet, I’d like to think it’s going to be a hit!  Well, my bridal files say so! A handful of my clients intelligently (!) picked green as their motif. It’s actually very interesting than the usual pink motif.  Unlike pink, green has a larger scope in hues, 490 colors! I counted them! Hehe =) From the faintest Morning Mist (pantone 12-5204 TPX) to the intense Darkest Spruce (pantone 19-5212 TPX). It’s good to wear green these days and be the first few to parade it than wait till it becomes so ubiquitously in fad that you’d look like a throng of grasshoppers  in the mall (gasp!).

My bestfriend is getting married this April 10 and of course she gave me the honor of making her bridal gown and entourage.  Then again, of course, green is naturally her motif! Green being her fave color and her fave state of mind…hahaha!  Love you, mg! I’m so excited!




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