I’ve been saying the word ‘apologies’ for quite a while for almost every email I reply to. If only it can evoke how sincere my apologies were: for not the delayed email responses while I was away; still, for the delayed responses when I’m back. It’s like something unexpectedly important always come up and I’m  caught in it’s web entirely. Now, I’m saying it again. Apologies. Things have slowed down here in my website and my blog for quite some time.  After all my never- ending excitement over my weddings for the first half of the year, it seemed like I’ve been out of steam. But quite the contrary, I’m overly excited of posting pictures but I’m getting dizzy with the piles of pictures festooned in my laptop.

It’s a busy Saturday here in my shop and I’m in my elements. Thankfully, the dreaded  impending migraine went away after a day of experiencing prodrome (an early symptom indicating the onset of an attack)… doubly thankful that my little ones are getting well.

I’ll be posting pictures soon. Very soon. Promise, I won’t be saying the word “apologies” again for a while.


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