Wedding Films: A Wedding Essential That You Shouldn’t Snub


Live life just like the movies… only this time you’re in it!

Most couples are sure that they are going to have a professional photographer to document their big day, and they might think this is enough for a memorabilia—but it’s definitely not. You might think that having separate suppliers for your wedding pictures and a wedding video is overkill, but imagine seeing yourself on your wedding day in all your glory, moving, speaking, the sparkle in your eyes when you say “I do”, and all live moments stunningly recorded—that’s something a photo can’t capture.

Wedding films are sometimes seen underrated because some couples don’t see the necessity of it. Video has a great power to bring people back in a special time as if they were there having a chat with the newly weds, exchanging laughter with friends, and most especially— the feeling of sharing an important event even when you’re not really present and that might just be one of the best wedding investment you can make.

Phoeben [fee-ben] Teocson an international wedding videographer, shares the same thoughts about his art. He and his team of professionals tells the undiscovered story of not only the wedding day, but the frantic preparations of the couple, which is told in the most creative, spectacular, and tear-jerking wedding film. The goal of Teocson’s team of videographers is to create wedding videos that are elegant, emotional, and authentic.

Phoeben Teocson, also a licensed engineer, pursued his first love that was filmmaking. He then started working with corporate and training videos for hotels. However, he knew that this was not his best potential and that he needed another platform to showcase his creativity. Through a help of a friend, Phoeben and his beautiful wife, Gen, who’s also his partner in the business, decided that wedding videography is the way to go. And with seven (7) years of experience, Phoeben Teocson Videography has carved a niche on his own and is known to be one of the top wedding videographers in the industry.  Their films are well-thought-of, non-formulaic, and in-depth. With Phoeben’s passion for creativity, it’s truly no wonder.

Phoeben Teocson Videography (PTV) ensures that the most genuine moments of the couple are captured in the video. It’s all about making you the star of your own movie, but without any acting, without any scripts. They will provide you with stunning & exquisite memorabilia that moves, with sounds, with emotions, in a series of events…allowing you to reminisce not only on photos in time, but to relive a wonderful day! PTV certainly capture memories in the most spectacular way possible.  As they say, live with wonderful memories and not regrets.



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