Weddings from the Collections Part 1

The busiest season of the year is here. Ask any wedding vendor, chances are, they are all high risk! ( another term for “toxic”, a term  I’ve adapt from my ob-gyne clients). Almost all my weddings in December are photo-finish.  But it ain’t over till it’s over! My October weddings captured some of my dream creations. Thanks to all the brides who have entrusted their most precious moments in our hands.  I’m proud to say, I did my best (considering limited cost) and my best was, well, the best =) Thanks to the brides who have been generous with their words of appreciation and who are relentlessly relaying to me heartwarming feedbacks from their wedding guests.

Let me share to you some pictures which made one of the sketches from my collection 2010 a reality.

I also made the groom’s ensemble here. Dashing!

Here’s the sketch I made from the collections. We just did a variation of the neckline as seen in the sketch =)

Thank you so much Jenny Chuatoco-Clemente for allowing me to create “our” dream gown! It was utterly gorgeous!

To be continued…





Beatriz P. Genato

February 2 2011 Reply

Hi, Your designs are fabulous! And I like also those floral designs whenever you put those designs on the wedding gown, I find it very wise and beautiful. 🙂

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