It’s about time for a complete makeover and got a beautiful website to welcome you into my world of wedding fashion.  Welcome!

Please browse through gorgeous photos I’ve done in the past and present.  My line is full of elegance however simple some designs are.  Each gown were made with the thought of the bride who’s going to wear it. No bridal gown has the same design. I want to continue to evolve, to offer something none in the other gowns, I want you to see something different in each gown that I make and most importantly, you will see the bride’s personality through my designs. I humbly present to you my work. With it comes passion, built with long hours of work, and well-thought of (sometimes, that’s all i ever think of, it even manifests in my dreams!)

As I’ve said, I want to continue to evolve. This fabulous change (in website) marks my change in product as well.  As promised to my brides, you will not doubt at all if the gown will turn out beautiful because it will be fabulous! With this promise comes more work, more inputs of thoughts, and more to be excited about!

Thank you so much for visiting! Do visit again from time to time and check out my new creations!






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