Win, Win!

I haven’t been blogging for a while.  Got caught up in a whirlwind romance with work! Yeah, I still do fall in love with my projects which is to me is very important.  It helps that my kiddos, Seth and Colin, a precocious 4 year-old and my sweetie cutie munchkin 1 year-old are having a grand vacation back in my hometown (Tigaon, Camarines Sur).  I miss them, sniff* but I have to work doubly hard coz I’m beating a one-week deadline to finish all my work before we set off to our family vacation (cum wedding on the side). Yes, we’re leaving on the 19th of this month and will be back on the 16th of April…weeee! Happiness with my loves!

I’m pausing for a little while from work and give this space some lovin’.

I have received F.A.B. pictures from clients which I have posted on the Celebrations page and on the Real Brides gallery.  Some I got from Facebook, thanks for the tags! The pics are now in the Portfolio.

Entries for the raffle are:

Sharalyn Pequet,  Meldz Relucio, Genevieve Uy-Taran,  Faye Cagayan, May Nueva-Hipolito, Emily Sia-Koa, Anne Dime-Guerrero, Honeyleen Chan, Michelle Ong, Rachelle de los Santos, Sherri Suplido, Mai Boransing,  Teta Sarmient0-Espino, Grace Pua, Dette de jesus, Rhea de Mesa, Michelle Tsoi, Glory An Quijano, Janice Resente, Janis Ann Espino-de Vera, Rechelle Valentin-Cuadra

Do your happy dance now, Sharah !

After which, send me an sms for appointment!

Another raffle, this time it’s for the Picasso! Thank you for booking with me this February and as promised, you are entitled to an entry for the Picasso overnight stay.

Here are the entries:

  1. Girlie Ting
  2. Janet Gan
  3. Marns Chua
  4. Jenny de la Cruz
  5. Sheila Ching
  6. Ena Ang
  7. Ylla Lim
  8. Jo-an Lu

And the winner is…drum roll please…

Janet Gan

Another happy dance there, Janet!

I have stayed in Picasso for a night and it was very nice and the  Bohemme restaurant is a winner! Yum! Would love to go back there again! I’m sure, you’re going to enjoy your stay there, Janet. Send me pictures during your stay!

This is a good good day!

Now, let me get back to work =)





Honeyleen Yang

March 18 2016 Reply

Awww…thanks Zandra for including me in your raffle draw!=D Enjoy your vacation with the family…a much deserved break for you!=D Praying that you’ll have more beautifully made wedding gowns!=D

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